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    Data requirements with the following specifications may be addressed to Director, Cyclone warning Center, Visakhapatnam

    1. Required parameters (e.g. Temperature, Rainfall etc..)
    2. Place for which data required
    3. Periodicity (e.g. Synoptic (3hourly) or Daily average or Monthly average etc..)
    4. Duration (e.g. data required for one day or one month or one year etc ..)

    Based on number of parameters and duration of data required, amount will be charged.

    After mentioning your data requirement, actual amount chargeable may be confirmed from the office

    The amount to be paid online at

    Click here for account details (Weather data)
    Click here for account details (Barometer Calibration)

    Click here for Payment instructions

    For Further Details:
    Duty officer
    Cyclone Warning Center
    Visakhapatnam -17
    Phone :0891-2543031/2543032
    Fax :0891-2543036

    For data other than Visakhapatnam
    Met Center, Hyderabad may be contacted Click here for more details

    Meteorological Center
    Begumpet Airport

    Phone :040-27908509
    Fax :040-27908510